Upholstery Cleaning the Ecosuds Way

We Get the Ugly Out

When most people purchase there upholstered furniture, the last thing they usually consider is how they will keep there lovely furniture looking great.  Fabrics are usually selected because they look and feel wonderful. Not until the piece is “lived on” for awhile does the thought of how your sofa will be cleaned come to mind.

Like carpet cleaning, there are a few ways to clean upholstery. Steam cleaning, dry cleaning, sponge and bucket method, and the Low Mositure Air Cell Extraction Method from Von Schrader.

When Nikki and I were investigating the various methods of cleaning upholstery we new what we wanted but were not sure if we would find a system that met all our criteria. The system had to be:

  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Use non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and Green Seal Certifide solutions.
  • Would be absolutely safe for all natural and man made upholstery fabrics.
  • Would allow us to clean a sofa or love seat deeply, without distorting the fabric in any way.
  • Would leave no sticky residue behind to re-attract dirt.
  • Would allow us to clean and condition leather furniture, which is gaining in popularity.

We found this in the Von Schrader System. It is considered the world’s finest upholstery cleaning system. Our clients deserved nothing less.

Beautiful furniture beautifully cleaned

Many people get their sofas and other upholstered furniture cleaned to remove dead skin cells, allergens, and dust mites. Our process not only removes these allergens, but denatures them rendering them harmless while sanitizing the furniture.

Many of our clients wonder whether applying a protector after cleaning is a good idea. The answer is an unequivical yes. One spill can ruin the beauty of your peice of furniture forever if it is not protected. A good quality protector will also repell dry dirt, dead skin cells, and oily soiling from hair and hands. Our Sun and Soil protector also protects your furnitures colours from fading in the sun, so years later it will still look as good as it did when you bought it.

To learn more about how Ecosuds cares for your upholstery click here.

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