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5 Steps to Avoid Premature Carpet Ageing

Clean Healthy Carpet

Clean Healthy Carpet

It is a sad fact that almost every day we are called to help another family deal with the heart ache of “carpet abuse”. Carpet that has been trampled on with dirty shoes, vacuumed with poor quality machines, and carpet left for years and years between cleaning. Tragically, many of these once fine specimens of carpet have had their lives shortened by many years. By following a few simple steps, these carpets could have been enjoyed for many more happy years. If you would like to avoid “premature ageing, follow these simple steps………………….

  1. Vacuum your carpet at least once a weekDry dirt will scratch your carpet fibres and cause permanent shadowy traffic patterns if left too long. Vacuum cleaners should have a motorized beater bar and be adjusted to the correct height for the pile.Make sure to empty the bag or dirt reservoir often.
  2. Don’t wear outdoor shoes inside. Dirt stuck to the soles of your shoes will stick to your carpet, dry out, and cause abrasive damage.
  3. Use carpet mats at all outside entrance doors.Leave abrasive and potentially damaging dirt on cheap mats, not on your beautiful carpets. Replace mats when they no longer clean up nicely.
  4. Wear slippers or socks. Oils and lotions from feet will cause your carpets to look dirty sooner. Sticky lotions will hold onto abrasive dirt that may cause damage.
  5. Deep clean your carpets every 12-18 months. If you leave your carpet cleaning until they look dirty, it may be too late. Our clients who have their carpets cleaned every 12-18 months (the Carpet and Rug Institute recommended frequency) have carpeting that always look fresh and new. Their carpets last many years longer too, saving them thousands of dollars in the long run.

Phil and Nikki Shames own Ecosuds, a Hamilton Ontario based company that provides high quality and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, fine rug cleaning, and anti slip treatments for tile and bath. They can be reached at  905-667-5624 or owners@ecosuds.ca. Please visit www.Ecosuds.ca to learn more

Choices of Carpet Cleaning in Hamilton, Burlington, and Grimsby

Carpet Cleaning companies in Hamilton and Burlington use four different processes to clean the carpet in your home or business. As a consumer, it is often difficult to choose the method that is best for you. Here is some information that can help you decide:

1. Rotary Method Here shampoo is scrubbed onto the surface of the carpet using one large or two small brushes. This does a fair job of cleaning the carpet surface, but the deep-down dirt is either untouched or carried deeper into the pile by the shampoo. And this method makes no provision for removal of the shampoo and dirt. The carpet must be vacuumed later in a separate operation.

2. Steam Method In the first place, no steam is used – probably a good thing since live steam would be disastrous to your good carpet. Actually, the “steam” is only hot water that is sprayed into the carpet. And in most cases, little more than half of the dirt bearing water is extracted from the carpet. The remainder is left and can result in soggy carpet, browning mildew, shrinkage, or damaged backing, padding and floors. Drying time can run up to 24-hours – a long time for any carpet area to be unusable.

3. Rotary/Bonnet Method Such procedures will brighten the surface but can’t remove the dirt deep in the pile. Results: embedded dirt works up quickly to the surface to resoil the carpet.

4. Von Schrader Low Moisture Air Cell Soil Extraction Method Von Schrader Low-Moisture Dry Foam Extraction System which is an exclusive, patented process. The LMX System is one of the most technologically advanced systems ever built for fast cleaning, quick drying and DEEP down cleaning of carpet.. Hot water extraction detergents leave a gummy, sticky, or waxy residue. This residue clings to the carpet fibers and quickly attracts soil. Rapid resoiling leads to a dull, dirty carpet appearance. Von Schrader’s specially formulated cleaning products leave a minimal amount of crisp, brittle residue that does not attract soil to the carpet fiber. This prevents resoiling and preserves carpet beauty. The loose, non-clinging flakes are easily vacuumed away. The LMX continues the evolution of a carpet-cleaning phenomenon that has yet to be equaled! Ecosuds is Hamilton, Burlington, and Grimsby’s Authorized Von Schrader Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning company.

You can learn more about this non-toxic, environmentally friendly, fast drying process at www.Ecosuds.ca or call 905-667-5624 for more information