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Your Best Friend or a Beast of (or Causing) Burden

dirty room dog

Did you know that your best friend can actually become your worst nightmare?

That’s right. He’s cuddly, cute and you love him, but sometimes he has a problem with “accidents” and pretty soon, you start to notice the… ummm… that strange odour.

Besides the obvious occasional accident from your pooch, his fur can also become a real problem. Every time he gives a good shake, his fur flies into the air, then attaches itself to your carpet and furniture. Some types of fur really embeds itself into fabrics and it can become quite a problem.

Then you have the problem of “I want in. I want out. I want in.” You know it… Your pooch is always on the move and the constant heading outside and then back inside brings in all kinds of dirt.

What can you do about all this?

Clean those “accidental” messes up quickly. Once you discover an accident, it’s important to grab a few paper towels and blot up the mess. A shop-vac also works well to suck out the urine that may have penetrated deeper into the carpet. You will want to get it before it sinks down into the padding of the carpet. A good enzyme based deodorizing solution (you can buy it from your favorite pet store) will help reduce or even eliminate the odour. If you find that the product doesn’t work for you, give us a call and we will help get rid of the awful smell.

A hairy situation can be tamed by brushing your dog often. Brushing that loose fur off your best buddy is far easier than trying to remove it from your furniture and rugs afterwards (and it’s great bonding time too).

While you may not have the time to wipe off your pooch’s muddy paws every time he wants back in, it is a good idea to place mats both inside and outside the door. When your buddy wants to come back inside, just let him bounce around a little while on the outside mat so some of that dirt stays out there where it belongs.

Follow these simple steps and your best friend is going to be a dream to live with, not a burden!

Phil and Nikki Shames own Ecosuds, a Hamilton Ontario based company that provides high quality and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, fine rug cleaning, and anti slip treatments for tile and bath. They can be reached at  905-667-5624 or owners@ecosuds.ca. Please visit www.Ecosuds.ca to learn more

Divine Intervention Could Not Keep Pope from Slip & Fall Injury

Pope Benedict Broken Wrist

The recent retirement of Pope Benedict XVI brought to light the dangers all seniors face at home and abroad. Back in 2009 The Pope slipped and fell while on vacation in Northern Italy. Thank God he was not seriously injured, but he did suffer a broken wrist. For many seniors who slip and fall, the injuries are much more serious.

Did you know that half of all of those over 65 who fall and fracture a hip are unable to return home and carry on an independent life?

Ecosuds’ new SlipMedic service can quickly and  affordably remedy slippery-when-wet hard floor and bath surfaces, dramatically reducing the likelihood of a slip and fall accident. Contact us to learn more.

Phil and Nikki

Phil and Nikki Shames own Ecosuds, a Hamilton Ontario based company that provides high quality and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, fine rug cleaning, and anti slip treatments for tile and bath. They can be reached at 905-667-5624 or owners@ecosuds.ca. Please visit www.Ecosuds.ca to learn more

Choices of Carpet Cleaning in Hamilton, Burlington, and Grimsby

Carpet Cleaning companies in Hamilton and Burlington use four different processes to clean the carpet in your home or business. As a consumer, it is often difficult to choose the method that is best for you. Here is some information that can help you decide:

1. Rotary Method Here shampoo is scrubbed onto the surface of the carpet using one large or two small brushes. This does a fair job of cleaning the carpet surface, but the deep-down dirt is either untouched or carried deeper into the pile by the shampoo. And this method makes no provision for removal of the shampoo and dirt. The carpet must be vacuumed later in a separate operation.

2. Steam Method In the first place, no steam is used – probably a good thing since live steam would be disastrous to your good carpet. Actually, the “steam” is only hot water that is sprayed into the carpet. And in most cases, little more than half of the dirt bearing water is extracted from the carpet. The remainder is left and can result in soggy carpet, browning mildew, shrinkage, or damaged backing, padding and floors. Drying time can run up to 24-hours – a long time for any carpet area to be unusable.

3. Rotary/Bonnet Method Such procedures will brighten the surface but can’t remove the dirt deep in the pile. Results: embedded dirt works up quickly to the surface to resoil the carpet.

4. Von Schrader Low Moisture Air Cell Soil Extraction Method Von Schrader Low-Moisture Dry Foam Extraction System which is an exclusive, patented process. The LMX System is one of the most technologically advanced systems ever built for fast cleaning, quick drying and DEEP down cleaning of carpet.. Hot water extraction detergents leave a gummy, sticky, or waxy residue. This residue clings to the carpet fibers and quickly attracts soil. Rapid resoiling leads to a dull, dirty carpet appearance. Von Schrader’s specially formulated cleaning products leave a minimal amount of crisp, brittle residue that does not attract soil to the carpet fiber. This prevents resoiling and preserves carpet beauty. The loose, non-clinging flakes are easily vacuumed away. The LMX continues the evolution of a carpet-cleaning phenomenon that has yet to be equaled! Ecosuds is Hamilton, Burlington, and Grimsby’s Authorized Von Schrader Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning company.

You can learn more about this non-toxic, environmentally friendly, fast drying process at www.Ecosuds.ca or call 905-667-5624 for more information

So You Want to Start a Business?


You dream of the time freedom, calling your own shots, setting your own hours, ending the tedious commute, ditching the office politics, and telling your boss to take this job and…… well you know the rest.

What is keeping you from living out that dream of starting your business? If you are like most people who have thought about starting their own business, but can’t bring yourself to do it, fear is likely the cause holding you back. Fear that you don’t have enough money. Fear that you will not make enough money to keep up your standard of living. Fear of what your friends and family will think. Fear of failure (after all….the media keeps telling us that 4 out of 5 new businesses don’t last five years).

So how can you start a business without giving in to these fears? There is one industry that has created more millionaires than any other, has allowed more “average” people to live their dreams, and has provided an opportunity to more people out of the rat race than any other. That is the Network Marketing Industry.

Now before you roll your eyes and move on to another site, hear me out. Many people have the pre-conceived notion that network marketing is a “pyramid scheme”. That most network marketing opportunities are scams.  After all, many of us know stories of people with garage loads of over-priced inventory. Or people who invested thousands of dollars in programs that they never did anything with. While it is true that there have been some  shady operators in the mlm field, there were certainly no more than in any other field. There are countless stories of franchises gone bad, “business opportunities” that bled bank accounts dry, and “fad” businesses that came and went in a flash. You need to do your due diligence before you get involved in any business.

Why should you consider the network marketing industry as your ticket out of the “rat race”?

Very low startup cost:

Many network marketing companies provide a startup cost of less than $500. Some have startup costs below $50. Compare that to the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars you will need to start most other businesses.

Start part-time.

Most people start their businesses part-time. Just ten hours per week can help you grow a fantastic business.

Earn a great part-time income.

Face it. It’s tough to make ends-meet. Most part-time jobs do pay little over minimum wage. You need to work  a lot of hours , have little control of the hours you will work, all the while making someone else rich. What would an extra $400-$500 per month mean to you and your family? It could pay for your new car, pay for your kid’s education, allow you to save for retirement, pay down bills, or just take off the pressure of barely ,making the bills at the end of each month. You set your hours and you are growing a business that will pay huge dividends down the road.

Build an amazing full-time business.

There are not many businesses that allow you to start part-time, and in just a few short years, replace and surpass your current income. While most network marketing businesses do not provide high income early on, with “time in the saddle” and consistently working the business, you will succeed.

Tax write-offs.

Would you like to be able to write off part or your car expenses, your home costs, and even your vacation costs? You may be able to cut thousands of dollars a year from your income tax bill by starting your own network marketing business.

It’s fun!

There has never been an industry that is more encouraging, filled with more enthusiasm, and is packed with people who simply have more fun.  Network marketing meetings are not boring and drab. They are typically up-beat and fun. You get to meet new people over coffee and learn all about them ant their dreams. You can work from home, from your favorite coffee shop, or even from the beach (sure beats a cubicle). You only work with people you like and only sell products your passionate about.

Speaking of working with only people you like and selling products your passionate about, how do you go about selecting the right network marketing opportunity for you? That will be the subject of my next article.

Phil Shames is an Independent Distributor with Scent-Sations Natural Wax Candles and Home Scents. He also is the Owner of Ecosuds Carpet & Upholstery Care and Ecosuds Products in Hamilton Ontario. He can be reached at info@greencandlebiz.com . Visit his websites at www.greencandlebiz.com, www.ecosuds.ca, and www.ecosudsproducts.com .

Who’s Joining you in Bed Tonight

Your mattress likely has over 1,000,000 of these little critters bunking with you nightly.

Dustmites are a huge problem for those with allergies and asthma

Dust mites (not to be confused with much nastier bed bugs) are all over your home. These little bugs don’t bite or spread disease like bed bugs can, but over 2 million Canadians suffer from allergies caused by these tiny house companions.

Most people are not allergic to the bugs themselves, but rather to their poop. And they poop a lot. Each bug will produce 200 times it’s weight in poop over its lifetime. If you often wake up with watery eyes, a stuffy nose, skin rashes, or asthma symptoms, there is a good chance that you have dust mite allergies. So how can you get rid of them? You can never totally rid your home of dust mites, but you can reduce them and thereby reduce your symptoms. Here’s how:

Wash your bedding and pillows at once a week in hot water.

Vacuum daily if possible. Keep your home a little cooler (dust mites don’t reproduce well under 22 degrees C.)

Keep your humidity between 35 and 50 percent. Wash all stuffed toys in hot water.

Use mattress covers that can be easily removed and washed.

Replace pillows annually and use pillows made of Dacron or Orlon Have your mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs cleaned annually (more often if you have asthma or severe allergies).

Spray your pillows, sofas, and mattresses with Young Living Thieves Spray regularly to control dust mites and kill germs naturally (available from Ecosuds).

Have a professional like the folks at Ecosuds professionally clean and sanitize your mattresses at least once a year if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Contact Ecosuds at info@ecosuds.ca or 1-866-340-9939. Vist the Ecosuds website to learn more about mattress and upholstery cleaning. www.Ecosuds.ca

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Can Make You Sick

Clean Healthy Carpet

When most people go shopping for carpet cleaning they often don’t realize that the decision they make could affect the health of them and their family.

If you have had a low-priced carpet cleaner to your home, you likely know how quickly they finished the job and how wet they left your carpets and underpad. Wet carpet and underpad is the perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew, and bacteria. All things you were hoping to get rid of when you had your carpets cleaned.

Cheap carpet cleaning companies usually use the lowest priced, toxic carpet cleaning chemicals. These chemicals also wind up in your underpad and carpet. When it eventually dries, these now powdered residues go airborne when you step on the carpet and are breathed in.

Low priced carpet cleaners use low-priced employees that are rarely trained in the proper methods to sanitize and remove the pathogens from your carpets and rugs.

Finally, many low-priced companies do not take the time to properly clean and sanitize the equipment they are bringing into your home. Do you really want the last customer’s dirt in your carpets?.

The most important result of having your carpets cleaned is not how they look (although you really do want them looking great) but how much healthier your home or workplace will be after they are cleaned. Make sure whoever you decide to hire does a great job and not just a cheap job.

Visit our Website to learn more. Click here

Young Living Peppermint Oil makes bees buzz off!!

Bees are wonderful little creatures. They pollinate our flowers and provide us with delicious honey, but they are not usually welcome guests at our summer picnic.

Here is a quick tip to keep these little rascals away. Place a few drops of Young Living 100 % pure peppermint essential oil on your table-cloth or picnic table. Leave the open bottle near your food. Bees will avoid the peppermint and your food.

If you do happen to get stung by a bee, a drop or two of Young Living 100 % pure peppermint oil will immediately help to sooth the pain.

Like more info on Young Living Peppermint oil or would you like to order a bottle for your picnic basket (Yogi would approve). Click here to email me or call: 905-667-5624 ext. 101