Mia Bella Natural Palm Wax Candles

Natural Palm Wax

Natural Palm Wax

One sniff is all it took for us to be hooked on these incredible candles. When Nikki and I were introduced to the Mia Bella line of Scent Sations candles, we could not believe how wonderful they smelled. When we were told that they were made of the most sustainable, non-toxic type of wax available we thought they may be a good product to offer our clients. When we found out how cleanly they burned, with virtually no soot, we were 90% sure they would be a good fit. And when we noticed how long each candle burned, or each melt lasted, we realized that this product was an amazing value. Something we needed to share with our clients. We absolutely knew that they would love them.

Scent Sations offers more than 70 different fragrances of Mia Bella Candles. Comforting jar candles, creative sculpted candles, relaxing spa candles, and melts that work perfectly in almost any simmer pot are just some of the products you will come to love once you try them. You can check out the entire line of Mia Bella Scent Sations candles here.

As with any product or service you purchase from us, we guaranty you will be absolutely delighted with your purchase.

We are looking for candle lovers across North America that would like to build a business selling these candles. We have Independent Reps selling these products at: Home Parties, to Friends and Family, as Fundraisers, at craft fairs, at flea markets, and to retailers (we offer and outstanding wholesale program). We are also looking for people who would like to build their own team of successful Independent Distributors.  Contact us to learn more about this exceptional opportunity.

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