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So You Want to Start a Business?


You dream of the time freedom, calling your own shots, setting your own hours, ending the tedious commute, ditching the office politics, and telling your boss to take this job and…… well you know the rest.

What is keeping you from living out that dream of starting your business? If you are like most people who have thought about starting their own business, but can’t bring yourself to do it, fear is likely the cause holding you back. Fear that you don’t have enough money. Fear that you will not make enough money to keep up your standard of living. Fear of what your friends and family will think. Fear of failure (after all….the media keeps telling us that 4 out of 5 new businesses don’t last five years).

So how can you start a business without giving in to these fears? There is one industry that has created more millionaires than any other, has allowed more “average” people to live their dreams, and has provided an opportunity to more people out of the rat race than any other. That is the Network Marketing Industry.

Now before you roll your eyes and move on to another site, hear me out. Many people have the pre-conceived notion that network marketing is a “pyramid scheme”. That most network marketing opportunities are scams.  After all, many of us know stories of people with garage loads of over-priced inventory. Or people who invested thousands of dollars in programs that they never did anything with. While it is true that there have been some  shady operators in the mlm field, there were certainly no more than in any other field. There are countless stories of franchises gone bad, “business opportunities” that bled bank accounts dry, and “fad” businesses that came and went in a flash. You need to do your due diligence before you get involved in any business.

Why should you consider the network marketing industry as your ticket out of the “rat race”?

Very low startup cost:

Many network marketing companies provide a startup cost of less than $500. Some have startup costs below $50. Compare that to the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars you will need to start most other businesses.

Start part-time.

Most people start their businesses part-time. Just ten hours per week can help you grow a fantastic business.

Earn a great part-time income.

Face it. It’s tough to make ends-meet. Most part-time jobs do pay little over minimum wage. You need to work  a lot of hours , have little control of the hours you will work, all the while making someone else rich. What would an extra $400-$500 per month mean to you and your family? It could pay for your new car, pay for your kid’s education, allow you to save for retirement, pay down bills, or just take off the pressure of barely ,making the bills at the end of each month. You set your hours and you are growing a business that will pay huge dividends down the road.

Build an amazing full-time business.

There are not many businesses that allow you to start part-time, and in just a few short years, replace and surpass your current income. While most network marketing businesses do not provide high income early on, with “time in the saddle” and consistently working the business, you will succeed.

Tax write-offs.

Would you like to be able to write off part or your car expenses, your home costs, and even your vacation costs? You may be able to cut thousands of dollars a year from your income tax bill by starting your own network marketing business.

It’s fun!

There has never been an industry that is more encouraging, filled with more enthusiasm, and is packed with people who simply have more fun.  Network marketing meetings are not boring and drab. They are typically up-beat and fun. You get to meet new people over coffee and learn all about them ant their dreams. You can work from home, from your favorite coffee shop, or even from the beach (sure beats a cubicle). You only work with people you like and only sell products your passionate about.

Speaking of working with only people you like and selling products your passionate about, how do you go about selecting the right network marketing opportunity for you? That will be the subject of my next article.

Phil Shames is an Independent Distributor with Scent-Sations Natural Wax Candles and Home Scents. He also is the Owner of Ecosuds Carpet & Upholstery Care and Ecosuds Products in Hamilton Ontario. He can be reached at . Visit his websites at,, and .

Ozone for Odour Removal – Safely Eliminate Odours, Bacteria, and Viruses

Using Ozone for odour removal has been somewhat controversial. On one hand, this naturally occurring is responsible for the clean, fresh feel and smell in the air after a thunder storm. On the other, it is equated to pollution concentrations on “bad air” days. So, is it a good idea to use ozone, especially from an environmental standpoint, to rid your home or business of bad odours?

First, let me explain what ozone is. Ozone is simply three oxygen molecules bound together. This molecule is created when 2 oxygen molecules are passed through a highly charged environment (like a lightning storm, or in an ozone generator, over highly charged plates). The molecule that is created is very unstable and one of the oxygen molecules will readily attach itself to other surrounding molecules. When this happens, the remaining 2 oxgen molecules are simply the pure oxygen all life needs on this planet, while the lone oxygen molecule that attached itself to a different molecule will oxidize and destroy the other.

This process allows Ozone to destroy bad smelling molecules, bacteria, viruses, moulds, and fungus, ultimately leaving no toxic residue behind.

Sound like the perfect, safe solution, right? Well, you do need to be careful when using ozone generators in your home or business, because ozone does not discriminate between the biological organisms we like (our selves, pets, plants, etc). and the foul smelling molecules we are trying to get rid of. So, when we are applying large amounts of ozone to an area (shocking), we need to make sure that we, along with our pets and plants, are out of the area. Ozone, however, reverts back to oxygen very quickly, so we and our house-mates can return to a fresh and clean smelling home or business quickly.

How quickly does ozone revert back to oxygen? The half life of ozone is just 20 minutes, so within a couple of hours of shocking an area, you can safely return. Many ozone generators, like the Jenesco units available at have timers built into the units, so that you can set the units to ozonate through the day, and turn off a few hours before you get home. Likewise, in a business environment, like deodorizing a locker room, you could turn the unit on when everyone leaves for the evening, and have it turn off automatically a few hours before everyone arrives in the morning.

One of the greatest benefits of ozone generators or chemical based odour treatment solutions is that there is no toxic residue once the ozone has quickly dissipated. sells the Jenesco brand of ozone generators in Canada. These ozone generators are well build, many featuring stainless steel enclosures,  timers, variable ozone output levels, and more. They have units from small, portable ozone generators that are perfect for deodorizing sporting equipment like hockey and football gear, to large units designed for restoring fire and mould damaged properties.

Like more information on Ozone and it’s many uses. Visit or to learn more. You can also contact Phil Shames at